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List Price: $355.99
Our Price: $299.99
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JET CITY AMPLIFICATION PICOVALVE 5W TUBE HEAD. Low-wattage tube guitar amp designed by THD Electronics for sizzling tube tone in a compact, but powerful head. Designed by Andy Marshall and licensed by THD Electronics, Jet City's PicoValve amp head is a compact, low-wattage tone machine. The amp head features THD's unique topology, which allows the user to swap the power tube at will—use nearly any octal-based tube without the need to re-bias the amp. With 5 watts, and a 1/2-power mode, you can get full power-amp distortion at volume levels which won't upset the neighbors.  Housed in THD's signature steel cage design, this Jet City amp head is sturdy enough to stand up to the elements, and packs all the tube distortion you're looking for.
LINE 6 Spider IV 150W Guitar Amplifier Head
LINE 6 Spider IV 150W Guitar Amplifier Head
List Price: $669.99
Our Price: $399.99
You save $270.00!

LINE 6 SPIDER IV 150W GUITAR AMPLIFIER HEAD. The Line 6 Spider IV HD150 modeling guitar head amplifier makes getting great amp sounds easier and more affordable than you might think! The Spider IV HD150 pumps 150 watts into your speaker cabinet for impressive tone and plenty of it! This head is loaded with great amp models with both vintage and modern specimens, with presets handcrafted by today's leading artists. What's more, these astounding sounds are amazingly easy to dial in! You also get a CD/MP3 jack and a headphone/direct recording output on the Spider IV HD150.  At your fingertips are 20 brilliant models of sought-after stompbox and studio effects. Discover the world-class Intelligent Pitch-shifter (a Line 6 first), the adjustable Auto-Wah and the on-board Looper: three cutting-edge effects that are mandatory for every pro player. An inspiring guitar effect, the looper can also help you in other ways. Use it to audition your tone with your hands free. Play a riff, loop it, and dial in your tone while the riff is looping. Plus, the built-in tuner is always at the ready to keep you sounding your best.
List Price: $571.99
Our Price: $399.99
You save $172.00!

JET CITY AMPLIFICATION JCA22H 20W TUBE HEAD. You asked for it, and here it is! We took the legendary JCA20H and added a second, footswitch-accessible overdrive channel, along with a tube-buffered, serial effects loop. Poised to change the amp world, again. The JCA22H is elegance in design both inside and out, delivering unflinching reliability and everything you’d want in an amp. With full EQ control and separate preamp gain and master volumes, the JCA22H can deliver spanky cleans all the way through saturated, Soldano high-gain overdrive.
PALMER EINS 1 Watt Tube Amplifier Head
PALMER EINS 1 Watt Tube Amplifier Head
List Price: $599.99
Our Price: $399.99
You save $200.00!

PALMER EINS 1 WATT TUBE AMPLIFIER HEAD. Small 1-5W amps have become very popular in recent years. They are fun items but some seem more like toys than real amplifiers. Palmers approach with the EINS was to design a serious true tube amplifier for professional purposes. The speaker simulated output allows you to connect the output of the amp directly to your audio interface. Thanks to the integrated loadbox a speaker does not need to be connected. Thanks to the unique “HiZ output” you can connect the output of the EINS directly to the input of any amplifier! This way the EINS can be power boosted or used as a preamp or even on your pedalboard.
ORANGE Tiny Terror Amp Head 15 Watts
ORANGE Tiny Terror Amp Head 15 Watts
Our Price: $575.00

ORANGE TINY TERROR AMP HEAD 15 WATTS. Put Other Boutique Combos to Shame with Pristine Cleans and Dominating Overdrive! The Tiny Terror amp head from Orange provides the tones that dreams are truly made of. This all valve, 15 watt portable guitar head features a unique two stage pre-amp which has a massive tonal range using just three controls. When driven, this little amp has almost as much gain as most four stage lead channels! The Tiny Terror switches from 15 to 7 watts for studio use and recording. Hit those sweet spots at lower volumes with this incredible sounding low wattage amp. This professional little amplifier is a record producer's dream and comes complete with a padded travel gig bag.
List Price: $714.99
Our Price: $599.99
You save $115.00!

JET CITY AMPLIFICATION JCA50H 50W TUBE HEAD. Lots of distortion in a lightweight 50-watt amp head, great for taking out on the road. Unleashing 50 watts from a pair of 6L6 power tubes and all the features of the JCA100H, the JCA50H 50W tube guitar amp head from Jet City is ideal for gigging musicians who need plenty of stage volume with some nice power amp distortion. The Normal channel on this Jet City amp head can range from clean tones to dirty Rock riffs. The Overdrive channel is the Soldano high-gain lead tone. Pair it up with the Jet City JCA48S for a powerful half-stack, or one or two of the JCA24S 2x12 cabs for extra versatility.
List Price: $1,142.99
Our Price: $899.99
You save $243.00!

JET CITY AMPLIFICATION JCA100HDM 100W TUBE HEAD w METAL FACE. Our new flagship is based on our popular JCA100H – two channels of Soldano tone and 100 watts of pure tube power. The Crunch channel has plenty of headroom to deliver clear, bright clean tones and can be driven hard enough to get downright raunchy. The Overdrive channel is the circuit that made Soldano famous. The HDM version also includes the famous Soldano Depth Control, and a Metal front baffle, standard. The 100w / 50w brings the pain from 4 6L6 output tubes in 100w mode, or in 50w more two tubes are turned off causing the power section to work harder to reach the desired output level, resulting in some pretty hot power amp distortion. Rounding out the feature set is the wire-mounted blue LED, just because it looks cool. This LED is socket mounted so it can be replaced with other colors, a daisy-chain of several LEDs, or removed entirely.
Peavey 6505 Head
PEAVEY 6505 Guitar Amp Head
List Price: $1,349.99
Our Price: $1,099.95
You save $250.04!

PEAVEY 6505 HEAD. The Peavey 6505 120W Guitar Amp Head serves up 120W of pile-driving power for muscular crunch and soaring sustain. Equipped with 5 - 12AX7s in the preamp and 4 - 6L6s in the power amp. Includes footswitchable lead/rhythm channel select, effects loop, 3-band EQ, plus resonance and presence controls on each channel. Rhythm channel includes pre/post gain controls and bright/crunch switches. Lead channel includes pre/post gain controls only. Preamp output. Footswitch included. 4, 8, or 16 ohms.
Peavey 6505 Plus Head
PEAVEY 6505 Plus Guitar Amp Head
List Price: $1,399.99
Our Price: $1,159.95
You save $240.04!

PEAVEY 6505 PLUS HEAD. Peavey proudly introduces its 6505 Series guitar amplifiers, named in celebration of Peavey's first 40 years, 1965 to 2005. The 6505 is also the relaunch of the 5150 Series, the immensely popular amplifiers Peavey designed with Edward Van Halen. The 6505 Plus features six 12AX7 preamp tubes and four 6L6GC power amp tubes, with presence and resonance controls and three-band EQ for taming their notorious tone. While known as the 5150, these amps became the undisputed go-to guitar amps for scores of rock, hardcore and metal bands due to their raw tone, relentless power and road-proven reliability.
BLACKSTAR Venue Series HT Club 50 50W Half Stack w Angled 4x12 Cab
BLACKSTAR Venue Series HT Club 50 50W Half Stack w Angled 4x12 Cab
List Price: $1,678.99
Our Price: $1,218.99
You save $460.00!

BLACKSTAR VENUE SERIES HT CLUB 50 50W HALF STACK W ANGLED 4X12 CAB. Blackstar HT Venue Series HT Club 50 50W Head. The Blackstar HT Club 50 Guitar Half Stack will provide you with monstrous tone that can cover anything from clean funk, to blues to hard rock and anything in between. The HT Club 50 amplifier head gives you the versatile ISF control, allowing you to get a great tone, no matter what sound you are looking for. Blackstar HT Venue Series HTV412A 4x12 Angled 320W Stereo Celestion Cab. Blackstar HTV-412A extension cabinet you wouldn't guess by just looking at it. In addition to standard 4 x 12" mode, you can hook up a pair of guitar amplifiers to the HTV-412A and run it in split stereo 2 x 12" mode. That's not just great for stereo effects either. This split mode lets you essentially treat the HTV-412A as two separate guitar cabs, letting you create even cooler onstage tones.  It has finger locked joints, heavy duty wiring and a cool vintage styling to compliment the HT Club 50 amplifier.
Peavey JSX Joe Satriani Signature Head
PEAVEY JSX Joe Satriani Signature Head
List Price: $1,679.99
Our Price: $1,349.95
You save $330.04!

PEAVEY JSX JOE SATRIANI SIGNATURE HEAD. Peavey and Joe Satriani set out to create an amplifier that would give the widest range of EQ options and gain structures possible.  This amp delivers sounds ranging from the Classic 50 to vintage British to the modern Triple XXX and all tones inbetween. The versatile and comprehensive control section supplies a master volume pot and independent volume knobs for each of the 3 channels (Ultra, Crunch and Clean). Pure Satriani tone. A must have amp for all instrumental guitarists!
Greer Amplification Cam 18 Head
GREER AMPLIFICATION Cam 18 Head Boutique Amplifier
Our Price: $1,350.00

GREER AMPLIFICATION CAM18. The CAM18 is an 18 watt (1 5U4, 2 6V6s, 2 12AX7s) amp that is voiced like a brit type amp, it is built to compete with the new chimey sounding stuff and has wonderful highs, really really ultra tight low end, and great distortion/overdrive with humbuckers. With singlecoils it does awesome cleans and gets into beautiful overdrive territory, the overdrive even stays tight and chimey! It has volume, tone, and master controls. The tone control controls mainly high mids but is VERY flexible.
PALMER DREI Triple Single Ended Amplifier 15W Head
PALMER DREI Triple Single Ended Amplifier 15W Head
List Price: $2,474.95
Our Price: $1,499.95
You save $975.00!

PALMER DREI TRIPLE SINGLE ENDED AMPLIFIER 15W HEAD. Distortion in its purest, most natural form. The Palmer DREI design is more than just a visual extravaganza - it mirrors the concept and the circuitry. For the purest, most natural distortion only a single-ended design will do. Single-ended tube circuits are straightforward and simple, providing the most organic, raw tube sounds possible. In contrast to the more powerful push-pull designs the output of single-ended circuits usually does not exceed 5 Watts. That is why single-ended circuits are mostly found in small practice amps preferred by many top-notch players for recording. The Palmer DREI incorporates THREE of these providing three times the output power of a standard single-ended design! Moreover, it accepts a variety of output tubes which all have their own unmistakable sound characteristics. The Palmer DREI works with the following power tubes: EL84, 6L6, 6V6, KT90, KT77, and EL34. A CLASS A MONSTER!
Greer Amplification Thunderbold 30 Head
GREER AMPLIFICATION Thunderbolt 30 Head Boutique Amplifier
Our Price: $1,650.00

GREER AMPLIFICATION THUNDERBOLT 30. The Thunderbolt 30 is 30 watts, Class A cathode biased. This amplifier uses two EL34 power tubes, one 5AR4 rectifier tube, and two 12AX7 tubes for the preamp and phase inverter. This amplifier is built point to point by hand, using the best components possible. The Controls on the amp are as follows: Volume, Tone, and Master Volume. This amplifier has an 8 ohm and a 16 ohm output on the back of it. The Thunderbolt 30 uses the highest quality Mercury Magnetics output transformer. This amplifier loves humbucking guitars but does well with single coils also. The amp is very versatile and can acheive tones from clean to class-A raunch easily, it can also be set up to be quiet or loud with the Master Volume control.
ISP TECHNOLOGIES Theta 300W Guitar Amplifier Head
ISP Theta 300W Guitar Amplifier Head
List Price: $2,100.00
Our Price: $1,749.00
You save $351.00!

ISP TECHNOLOGIES THETA 300W GUITAR AMPLIFIER HEAD. The THETA amplifier offers a unique approach to the guitar amplifier, providing two selectable input pre-distort preamplifiers. Using the THETA head is like having two low-noise, extremely high quality preamp pedals at the input of the amplifier. Each front-end pre-amp has gain, bass, mid level, mid sweep and treble which provides amazing pre-distort tone shaping. The amplifiers’ “Clean” and “Distort” circuits have the same post distort tone shaping. Tone beyond your wildest dreams! No other amplifier, Tube, Solid State or Digital even comes close to the sonic flexibility of the THETA. The Clean channel has additional tone shaping with the inclusion of a Presence control providing more than 20db of high frequency boost. You want gain? The THETA literally has more gain available than any amplifier ever produced with greater than 140db of gain and you can control it and make it usable only because we’ve included dual independent full-featured Decimator Noise Reduction systems. The THETA is the first amplifier to incorporate “Dynamic Saturation Modulation™”, which delivers the actual feel of a saturated tube power amplifier. The THETA also packs a huge punch; the internal D-CAT power amplifier delivers more than 300 watts RMS into a 4-ohm load and 150 watts into an 8-ohm load. This means that the D-CAT amplifier delivers better transient response and punch than any other amplifier technology.
FRYETTE Memphis Thirty M30H Class A 30 Watt Head
FRYETTE Memphis Thirty M30H Class A 30 Watt Amp Head w Foot Controller
List Price: $2,399.00
Our Price: $1,799.00
You save $600.00!

FRYETTE MEMPHIS THIRTY M30H 30 WATT AMP HEAD W FOOT CONTROLLER. Beauty, brains, and talent all packed into one incredible amp. Memphis, once an important cultural center in ancient Egypt, was also known as Ankh Tawy, "That which binds the Two Lands," making it a fitting name for an amplifier design that empowers musical expression and exemplifies stylistic diversity. Class A. Hand-wired. Boutique values. Buzz words that sound great but often fall short of great performance. Fryette knows it takes passion, ingenuity and innovation to bring something new to the table. What could possibly be new under the sun in a vacuum tube amplifier? Cross-pollination of music styles and cultural influences produces new forms of expression. The Fryette Memphis guitar amp pushes the conversation about the relationship between the player and the instrument to new heights.
Budda SuperDrive 45 Series II Amp Head
BUDDA SuperDrive 45 Series II Amp Head
Our Price: $1,996.00

BUDDA SUPERDRIVE 45 SERIES II AMP HEAD. The Superdrive 45 represents years of research culminating in the design of the ultimate KT66 hi gain amp. The bite and complex overtones of Budda's KT66 circuit puts this amp in the realm of a newly discovered tone. The upper mid range bite combined with the tube rectifier sag makes for a very expressive amplifier, super sensitive to touch and pick attack. The bass response is earth shattering and sheer volume will have all the guitar players sniffing around your rig.
ORANGE Rockerverb 50 Twin Channel Guitar Amp Head
ORANGE Rockerverb 50 Twin Channel Guitar Amp Head
Our Price: $2,099.00

ORANGE ROCKVERB 50 TWIN CHANNEL GUITAR AMP HEAD. Original Orange Sound Character for Your Rig. Used By Countless Artists Worldwide. 50 watts with powerful all valve tone, the Rockerverb 50 offers a dual channel head with valve FX loop and valve driven reverb. This amplifier utilizes a two stage clean channel and a four stage dirty sound. The clean channel on this amp is one of the smoothest and cleanest ever produced and produces a unique power valve overdrive when pushed to the max. The bass and treble controls are interactive with each other thus giving a wide range of superb tones from a channel with only three controls. The dirty channel is liquid fire! This four stage gain machine can produce anything from an articulate clean chime, through all the classic rhythm and crunch sounds with original Orange character; all the way up until you reach a gain level that is unprecedented.
Fryette Sig:X 100 Watt 3-Channel Tube Head
FRYETTE Sig:X 100 Watt 3-Channel Tube Head w Foot Controller
List Price: $2,999.00
Our Price: $2,249.00
You save $750.00!

FRYETTE SIG:X 100 WATT 3-CHANNEL TUBE HEAD. Guitar music is a string of spontaneous and often unorthodox impulses. Guitar players attack, coax and finesse music out of a guitar in ways that seem to defy logic and the laws of physics. It's all of the things we do "in-between" that gives guitar music excitement and emotional impact. These in-between or transitional stages that usually happen in spite of your existing amp settings are where players live and where the SIG:X shines most brightly. The SIG:X amplifier represents a new generation of tube amplifier design, offering effortless and intuitive control over different types of amplifier behavior and a wide range of highly refined tonal qualities previously unavailable from a single amplifier. Feature packed, yet simple and intuitive to operate, the SIG:X produces an astonishing array of sounds and textures never before attainable from any single amplifier. As with all FRYETTE amplifiers, the SIG:X beautifully accentuates the inherent qualities of any instrument. It breathes and dynamically responds to your playing technique exactly the way a great guitar amp should. Many players will sacrifice flexibility and modern conveniences for great tone and feel. The SIG:X was designed to give you both and it truly delivers!
HIWATT DG-103 David Gilmour Signature 100W Head
HIWATT DG-103 David Gilmour Signature Custom 100W Tube Guitar Amp Head
List Price: $4,779.00
Our Price: $3,249.00
You save $1,530.00!

HIWATT DG-103 DAVID GILMOUR SIGNATURE CUSTOM 100W TUBE GUITAR AMP HEAD. Based on the Hiwatt Custom 100 head, but with special modifications as commissioned by Dave Gilmour of Pink Floyd himself. The DG-103 adds a bit of modern sophistication to the classic performance amplifier. In addition to the Bass, Treble, Presence and Master Volume controls, the DG-103 uses a specially linked input system, where the gain of each channel can be altered to suit different musical styles. Built using Partridge transformers, 4 - ECC-83 tubes in the preamp section, 4 - EL-34 tubes in the power stage, and is rated at 100 watts output, with switchable 4-, 8-, and 16-ohm impedance. A look inside the amplifier will reveal point-to-point hand wiring, turret tag boards (no printed circuits), and hand laced wiring harnesses. Truly an amazing sounding amplifier, and part of rock history. A must for Gilmour fans.