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RED WITCH Titan Analog Delay
RED WITCH Titan Analog Delay

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The sonic alchemists at Red Witch have really mustered up some sonic wizardry with the Titan Analog Delay. This beautifully crafted delay pedal is actual three separate analog delays in brilliant unit. Each separate delay has three switches. The D knob is delay time, and allows for settings up to 800 ms. Go from genuine slapback Sun Records sweetness to psychedelic washes of hallucinogenic delay. The F knob is to control regeneration, or how many notes you get on repeat. Of course, it can be set to out of control oscillation if you turn it completely clockwise. The M knob is for mix - blending the wet and dry signal. Cranking the M knob fully counter clockwise will give only the dry signal. Full clockwise will provide a louder delay repeat than the original signal. You can blend each of the three independent delays with the M knob, which is where the Titan Delay really gets interesting. Set the toggle switch to the left to run the delays in parallel. This will have an output signal that blends the delays. You can blend slapback with some longer delay for some truly unique and original delay effects. Flip the toggle switch and run the delay signals in series, in which each delay is fed into each other.

Create profoundly startling delay effects with this feature - imagine running a long delay into a slapback, and then into a medium delay, and have all of these signals feed into each other, like stacking three delays together. An effects loop is also present, so you can run any pedals you like in the loop, and retain your dry signal’s integrity. Run a phaser in the effects loop for some truly amazing modulation on your repeats. Wow. The Titan is appropriately named, since it stands above all other delay pedals in terms of its possibilities.

The Red Witch Titan is a powerhouse of an analog delay pedal with an infinite variety of delays available. This is for the true delay god…the mad tweaker of delay who desires an vast amount of sounds and soundscapes. Blending possibilities will astound any human who dares to climb the Olympian summits of the Red Witch Titan Analog Delay. The effects loop allows for some truly creative processing of the delay effect, and along with the blending will give you the golden fleece of delay effects. Bring the fire from the mountain and head the words of the delay Titans…the Red Witch has given you mortals the tools you need for uncharted journeys into the world of auditory ecstasy with the Titan Analog Delay.

- Three separate analog delays
- Independent Delay, Feedback, and Mix controls for each delay
- Blendable separate analog delays
- Toggle switch to run Delays in Series or Parallel
- Built-in Effects loop
- 9vdc operation


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