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ELECTRO HARMONIX 22500 Dual Stereo Looper
ELECTRO HARMONIX 22500 Dual Stereo Looper
List Price: $368.50
Our Price: 276.40
You save $92.10!

ELECTRO HARMONIX 22500 DUAL STEREO LOOPER. Combining a compact footprint, a comprehensive feature spec and an intuitive user interface, the 22500 delivers powerful looping capabilities in an affordable, easy to use package. It records high quality, non-compressed audio directly to a removable SDHC card (4 to 32 GB) and each card holds up to 100 individual loops. Includes an 8GB card for up to 12 hours of recording time.
List Price: $231.00
Our Price: 179.99
You save $51.01!

TC ELECTRONIC DITTO LOOPER X2. Without a doubt, the original TC Electronic Ditto Looper is one of the most popular simple looper pedals ever released. The Ditto Looper was so popular, in fact, that TC Electronic followed it up only a year later with the amazing Ditto Looper X2. The Ditto Looper X2 starts off with the same easy-to-use looping as it predecessor, but it also includes cool loop effects including half speed, reverse looping, or both. USB connectivity lets you import and export loops from your computer, stereo I/O gives you tons of setup flexibility, and you can store and play up to five minutes of 24-bit audio in the TC Electronic Ditto Looper X2.
List Price: $149.99
Our Price: 99.99
You save $50.00!

TC ELECTRONIC DITTO LOOPER. Ditto Looper is the looper you try once and love for life. And you simply gotta try it. We've taken all that is good about loopers, trimmed away all the non-essential, mood-killing tech hoopla and ended up with a looper that is intuitive, tons of fun, sounds great and doesn't break the bank.  Ditto Looper was designed from the ground up with guitarists in mind. Hey, we play too, so it's what made sense to us. We made sure Ditto Looper takes up minimal space on your board, but still has the essential 'make your guitar-heart jump' features such as True Bypass and Analog-Dry-Through making sure your tone stays uncolored.
List Price: $121.40
Our Price: 91.00
You save $30.40!

ELECTRO HARMONIX NANO 360 LOOPER. The Electro-Harmonix Nano Looper 360 lets you record 11 different loops and store them for later recall - that's a lot of looping power in a compact pedal! The Nano Looper 360 will reward you with uncolored, dynamic sound thanks to its high-quality 24-bit digital converters. And with a single footswitch for control over record, overdrub, undo-redo, and loop erase, the Electro-Harmonix Nano Looper 360 is an easy-to-use looper that will become incredibly addictive.
DIGITECH Trio Band Creator Pedal
DIGITECH Trio Band Creator Pedal
List Price: $279.95
Our Price: 179.95
You save $100.00!

DIGITECH TRIO BAND CREATOR PEDAL. Jam out with bass and drums anytime with the DigiTech TRIO Band Creator effects pedal. TRIO automatically generates bass and drum backup by listening to and analyzing your chords and rhythm. Choose how your backup will sound from seven music genres and 12 song styles per genre. Each genre has defeatable, built-in guitar effects that help you nail that genre's sound. Whether you're practicing, writing new songs, or just want to rock out, the DigiTech TRIO Band Creator pedal is the perfect resource to get that whole band feel.
PIGTRONIX Infinity Looper
PIGTRONIX Infinity Looper
List Price: $625.00
Our Price: 449.00
You save $176.00!

PIGTRONIX INFINITY LOOPER. Pigtronix Infinity is the world’s most musical looping pedal. Simple to operate, yet tremendously powerful and flexible, the Infinity Looper from Pigtronix sets a new world standard for latency-free looping. Our state-of-the-art looping platform provides instantaneous record, playback, dub, undo and redo, on two stereo loop pairs that can be configured in several ways. On top of superior speed and a unique, performance friendly feature set, Infinity Looper sounds downright incredible thanks to its discreet analog limiter stages, transparent analog pass-through and 24bit / 48kHz HD recording engine. There's another side of the Pigtronix Infinity looper pedal that makes it even more useful to anyone who plays live with a DAW or sequencer, namely, its deadly accurate MIDI sync function. Boasting sample-accurate MIDI sync and the ability to accept MIDI clock start and stop messages, the Infinity lets you lock your looping to a wide range of sources. This is particularly cool if you use loop-based tracks via Ableton Live or some other similar DAW in your live performances. And since the Infinity looper records its audio in 24-bit/48kHz WAV format, you can transfer any loops you record to your studio rig to create advanced live setups or for use in your next album.
ELECTRO HARMONIX 22500 Foot Controller
ELECTRO HARMONIX 22500 Foot Controller
List Price: $117.20
Our Price: 87.90
You save $29.30!

ELECTRO HARMONIX 22500 FOOT CONTROLLER. A wired remote control for the 22500 Dual Stereo Looper that gives you foot control over paging up and down thru the pedal’s Loop Banks. The 22500 records and plays in up to 100 Loop Bank. The Foot Controller makes it easy to navigate thru the 22500’s 100 Loop Banks, moving up or down by either one or ten banks at a time.
ELECTRO HARMONIX 45000 MultiTrack Recording Looper
ELECTRO HARMONIX 45000 MultiTrack Recording Looper
List Price: $638.00
Our Price: 478.50
You save $159.50!

ELECTRO HARMONIX 45000 MULTITRACK RECORDING LOOPER. Building on EHX’s looper legacy, the 45000 combines the familiar controls of a multi-track digital recorder with state-of-the-art features making it possible to create complex multi-track loops quickly and easily. Each loop has four mono tracks and one stereo mixdown track. The 45000 records non-compressed, 44.1 kHz / 16-bit CD quality audio direct to a removable SDHC card (4 to 32GB). Each card holds up to 100 individual loops accessed with the optional 45000 Foot Controller (sold separately). Loop speed is adjustable over a two octave range, and reverse recording and playback are also possible. For extra convenience, a built-in metronome to a separate Monitor Out and a Headphone Out are also included.
BOOMERANG III Phrase Sampler v3
BOOMERANG III Phrase Sampler v3
List Price: $569.00
Our Price: 479.00
You save $90.00!

BOOMERANG III PHRASE SAMPLE V3. The Boomerang III chassis is the same wedge shape as the original but smaller. It's footprint is only 6" (front to back) by 9" (side to side) by 2" tall, and weighs less than 3 lb! We will insure the III is easy to operate and as intuitive as the original Boomerang Plus, but it will be deeper if you want to explore the new features. CLICK FOR MORE DETAILS.
TC ELECTRONIC Flashback X4 Delay and Looper
TC ELECTRONIC Flashback X4 Delay and Looper
List Price: $369.00
Our Price: 249.99
You save $119.01!

TC ELECTRONIC FLASHBACK X4 DELAY AND LOOPER. Flashback Delay. The sounds, the vibe, TonePrints, the entire package - it was a smash hit that rocked the world. But at TC, we're more about moving things forward and listening to the feedback from the guitar community. And so, when wishes for things like presets and tap-tempo started rolling in, we listened. And boy, did we knock it out of the park. Our delays are the industry standard, and our 2290 Dynamic Digital Delay is one of the most coveted pieces of gear out there today. We know and love delay, and have made sure Flashback X4 delivers the legendary TC quality at every turn. From the awesome digital 2290 sounds to beautiful analog tape echoes and more exotic vibes of a reverse delay, Flashback X4 delivers every delay sound under the sun - past, present and future. With optimized headroom, True Bypass or Buffered Bypass switch and Kill-Dry on/off, this pedal guarantees optimal tonal integrity and zero loss of tone. And, no matter if the pedal is on or off your precious dry sound is always passed through the pedal unharmed in all it's pure analog glory due to an Analog-Dry-Through.
BOSS RC-3 Loop Station
BOSS RC-3 Loop Station
List Price: $318.50
Our Price: 199.00
You save $119.50!

BOSS RC-3 LOOP STATION. The BOSS RC-3 Loop Station adds a powerful new single-pedal looper to the company's industry-leading lineup of pedal-based loop recorders, featuring high-powered digital signal processing, stereo operation, and cutting-edge features. Powered by the ESC2 DSP chip, the RC-3 Loop Station offers musicians powerful, great-sounding recording and manipulation of loops live and in the studio.
DigiTech HardWire DL-8 Delay Looper
DIGITECH HardWire DL-8 Delay Looper Pedal
List Price: $219.95
Our Price: 159.95
You save $60.00!

DIGITECH HARDWIRE DL-8 DELAY LOOPER PEDAL. The DigiTech HardWire DL-8 is a delay and looper effect pedal that features stereo I/O with selectable tails and a choice of 11 different delay types. Among the delays you can configure with the DL-8 are Analog, Lo-Fi, Tape, and Reverse. The DigiTech DL-8 pedal also provides up to 8 seconds of delay and 20 seconds of looping as well as functions like tap-tempo and more.
BOSS RC-30 Loop Station
BOSS RC-30 Loop Station
List Price: $418.40
Our Price: 299.00
You save $119.40!

BOSS RC-30 LOOP STATION. The BOSS RC-30 Loop Station is the latest addition to the company's industry-leading lineup of pedal-based loop recorders, featuring high-powered digital signal processing, stereo operation, and cutting-edge features. Powered by the ESC2 DSP chip, the RC-30 Loop Station offers musicians one of the most powerful and best-sounding tools yet for recording and manipulating loops live and in the studio. Housed in BOSS' popular twin-pedal chassis, the RC-30's new features include true stereo ins/outs and up to three hours of onboard stereo recording and loop storage. The new dual-phrase loop feature lets you create and play two completely independent stereo loops in perfect sync.
DIGITECH JamMan Stereo Looper
DIGITECH JamMan Stereo Looper
List Price: $399.95
Our Price: 249.95
You save $150.00!

DIGITECH JAMMAN STEREO LOOPER. When DigiTech developed the PDS 8000 looper pedal over 20 years ago, it looped 8 seconds of audio. When DigiTech reinvented loopers in 2005 with the original JamMan®, over 6 hours worth of material could be stored on a removable media card. Now, DigiTech® has raised the bar with the new JamMan Stereo Looper with the ability to store 35 minutes of CD-quality loops in 99 internal memories as well as having an SD memory card expansion slot giving you the ability to store over 16* hours of material in an additional 99 slots. The JamMan Stereo also features true stereo looping, reverse playback, and a mic input making it perfect for backing tracks and jamming. The JamMan Stereo also feature a 1/4" Rhythm Output jack to send to your monitor, keep the rest of the band in sync.
List Price: $164.10
Our Price: 123.10
You save $41.00!

ELECTRO HARMONIX NANO FREEZE. Capture a frozen moment and turn it into a tonally unique sonic foundation. The Electro-Harmonix Freeze Sound Retainer pedal delivers infinite sustain of any note or chord at the press of a momentary footswitch. Release the footswitch and again you are sample-ready. The Freeze Sound Retainer pedals' 3 selectable decay rates—including a latch mode—guarantee liquid smooth tonal transitions. Hook the E-H Freeze Sound Retainer to your favorite pedals for a sonic collage unlike anything you've ever heard. The Freeze Sound Retainer is almost like Electro-Harmonix adding an extra musician to your band.
DIGITECH JamMan Solo LT Looper
DIGITECH JamMan Solo XT Looper
List Price: $229.95
Our Price: 149.95
You save $80.00!

DIGITECH JAMMAN SOLO XT LOOPER. Digitech's newest Solo Looper, the XT stereo version. After inventing looping nearly three decades ago, DigiTech’s JamMan Solo XT brings you the definitive stereo looping experience. Build up the energy in your performance and find new inspiration with virtually limitless loops. Seamless transitions between looped phrases make the JamMan Solo XT an invaluable tool for composing and performing. Get the stereo looping experience you need from straight-forward backing loops to intricate loop layers by yourself or with your band. Perfect your performance with Auto-Record, Auto-Quantize, adjustable BPMs, and three different Stop modes. Use the powerful JamSync to link JamMan Solo XTs and create the ultimate multi-looping system.