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JETTER GS3 Overdrive v2
JETTER GS3 Overdrive v2

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Turn your amp into a 3 Channel MONSTER!!!!!!!
The GS3 is a dual channel pedal with the addition of a Master Bypass-On/Off. It has two independent pedal circuits that can be used one at a time or simultaneously for cascading gain.

Channel 1:
A very balanced and dynamic clean to mild OD boost. This channel is very transparent and can be set to either cleanly boost your signal or add some mild OD and dirt. You can dial-in a nice edge of breakup tone that is very touch-sensitive and warm. It can also be set to have more grit and bite. There is a good amount of volume available and more gain than your average boost pedal. This channel on its own will do a great Jimi rhythm tone or a crunchy blues. Sounds great with a Strat. This channel is not voiced to emulate any specific amp – it delivers a transparent and honest boost to your guitar signal with the ability to add some low to medium amounts of OD. Channel 1 includes Volume and Gain controls, and a “Cut” knob on the side of the pedal.

Channel 2:
Channel has a decidedly strong high gain Vintage Marshall Plexi voice. Extremely articulate with great dynamics as well as wonderful overtones and touch-response. This channel will give that cranked plexi tone through a clean amp. Think Leslie West rhythm tone! The note bloom is big and it cuts through on a stage wonderfully. It has just the right amount of compression for gorgeous sustain and bloom, but will stay dynamic and articulate for chord work.Channel 2 includes Volume, Gain and Tone controls.

Channels Cascaded:
When both channels are active, Ch1 cascasdes into Ch2. Here’s where things get fun. You can get wonderful singing lead tones or bold blues tones – get your boost with Ch1 and then dial in Ch2 for the perfect amount of OD “color”. These pedals were voiced to sound great on their own, but more importantly, they were designed to sound great when cascaded. You can get gorgeous woody Marshall lead tones that most single pedals just can’t achieve. Combined, the channels maintain low noise and DO NOT mush out. You can play a whole gig with this pedal and have 3 distinct tones to add to your basic amp tone.

*** NEW – We’ve updated the GS3 !*** (Note: This is the new v2 version we are selling)

We are very pleased to announce that the GS3 has been updated to Version 2!

We have basically left all the goodness of the original intact and have added versatility under the hood (literally)! The New GS3 V2 now has an internal switch that allows for a two distinct Channel 2 voices! There are two switches that are accessible by simply removing the bottom cover. They are clearly marked and there is instructions printed underneath the switch indicating the two modes.

The first mode is the classic GS3 Channel 2 voice which provides a distinct, tight–slightly aggressive–balance with a punchy midrange and clarity. Flip the internal switch and Channel 2 takes on more gain and compression with a smoothness and singing quality that has to be heard to be appreciated! Two distinct Channel 2 options now makes the GS3 one of the most functional and flexible overdrives on the planet. One of the design goals of this update was not only to give you more tonal options but to allow for better matching with a wider range of amplifiers. The new voice can be particularly helpful when using a higher power, cleaner amp or an amp that might be a bit on the bright side when trying to achieve a sweeter, singing lead tone.

This new option for voicing Channel 2 was intentionally placed inside the pedal. It wasn’t meant to be an “on-the-fly” choice. Because of the distinct nature of the voice options, it should be readily apparent which one you will want to use given a particular setup. Our main goal was to add function not confusion with too many knobs and switches on the top! As a result, the GS3 retains its tremendous functionality in a clean and logical control layout on the front panel.

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