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Eden Analog Nashville Hot Boost
EDEN ANALOG Nashville Hot Boost
List Price: $199.00
Our Price: $148.95
You save $50.05!

EDEN ANALOG NASHVILLE HOT BOOST. Ever need a little more drive? How about a lot more drive? The Nashville Hot Boost is a great medium gain overdrive pedal that will do double duty as a clean boost. Just a twist of the drive and level knobs and this thing goes from silky smooth to red-hot while retaining excellent individual note clarity. Quiet circuit design keeps the noise down while the tone control will tame the highs or brighten up just about any setup. Itís all up to you and your taste. The high-output and extended treble range along with mids that arenít over-pronounced make the Nashville extremely usable for the Hot Country picker as well.
Eden Analog Austin Cool Blues
EDEN ANALOG Austin Cool Blues
List Price: $199.00
Our Price: $148.95
You save $50.05!

EDEN ANALOG AUSTIN COOL BLUES. Ready for some killer tone without having to tweak knobs all day? The Austin Cool Blues is a versatile, high gain overdrive pedal that can get you from the low down blues to Stevie Ray to classic rock in a split second with just a hint of brown in the higher gain settings. Smooth highs, well-voiced mids and a chunky bottom thatís not muddy set the Austin apart from the mass-produced pedals and digital offerings currently available.
Eden Analog Detroit Rock
EDEN ANALOG Detroit Rock
List Price: $199.00
Our Price: $148.95
You save $50.05!

EDEN ANALOG DETROIT ROCK. The Detroit Rock distortion does Classic Rock, Southern Rock and 80ís Rock with a little British Rock and Metal thrown in. Guess what? When youíre not playing, itís quiet! All distortion pedals by their very nature make noise, some more than others. Youíll find the Detroit to be extremely quiet for such a high gain pedal. Lower the gain and you get a big fat, slightly compressed crunch great for the classic stuff. Raise the gain for a more modern tone.
Eden Analog Cold Compress
EDEN ANALOG Cold Compress
List Price: $199.00
Our Price: $178.95
You save $20.05!

EDEN ANALOG COLD COMPRESS. Introduced at the 2006 Dallas Guitar Show. The Cold Compress compressor/sustainer is a modern adaptation of a vintage favorite with the compression of yesterday and the flavors of today. The Cold Compress performs well as a subtle background effect/boost or as an in your face compressor with that great squeezed note bloom we all love.  Neutral, natural, and transparent in tone.  A true "players" pedal.
Eden Analog Snyc 3
List Price: $269.00
Our Price: $228.95
You save $40.05!

EDEN ANALOG SYNC3. The Syncronicity or "SYNC3" as we've nicknamed it is a 100% analog chorus that has a warm, very organic sound that is rich in tone yet washes into your signal chain without being overpowering. In addition to the usual speed and depth controls the SYNC3 has a unique "color" control that alters the voice of the pedal. The SYNC3 can be taken from a bright shimmering chorus to a rotary speaker effect to a darker slow phase type of sound all which are extremely usable.