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Dr Scientist Woofer Wailer
DR SCIENTIST Woofer Wailer
Our Price: $199.00

DR SCIENTIST WOOFER WAILER. The Woofer Wailer is an analog overdrive unit that can take your guitar tone from gritty volume boost to fat, crunchy overdrive to loud, crispy distortion, with all kinds of awesome variations in between. The lower toggle switch sets the overall bass orientation, the thin side is well, thin, and the more full-figured side leaves all your bass the heck alone. The upper toggle switch sets the overall gain range - the round side uses an LED for the clipping diode and has a lower gain, less compression, and cleaner kind of overdrive sound. The square side is the standard small signal diode clipping sound, higher gain, more compression, and more midrange, that classic sound.
Dr Scientist Tremolessence Mini
DR SCIENTIST Tremolessence Mini
Our Price: $224.00

DR SCIENTIST TREMOLESSENCE. New version of the older Tremolessence! A special team of Dr. Scientist Tremolizers was given the task of harnessing the essences of squares and triangles, and then forcing that essence onto guitar tones. Their mastery of the shapes has culminated in... THE TREMOLESSENCE! Dr. Scientist knows you've been searching... longing for a really versatile, transparent, and most importantly, noise-free, tremolo effect. One that makes all the cool sounds the cool kids are into. Like gentle swells to full on/off chops, plucky, piano-like attacks to fade-ins, and gated sounds that let almost none to almost all the sound through... all possible with the SHAPE control and the choice of triangle and square waveforms on the lower toggle switch.
DR SCIENTIST Reverberator Mini
DR SCIENTIST Reverberator Mini
Our Price: $225.00

DR SCIENTIST REVERBERATOR MINI. Newer version of the older Reverberator! Dr. Scientist has been scouring this and other unknown universes lately trying to gain an understanding of a little known phenomenon... the mystery of why some cool things are made even cooler by shrinking them. Take human heads, for example, way cooler when shrunken down and hung on a necklace or lining a curios cabinet. Or the neat little metal cubes that old junker cars get crushed into at auto-wreckers in the 70s... there's a wall made out of those in our shop and some of the 8-tracks still work. Or those neat little dudes that get that ring to that mountain in time to save that eyeball from all the fire. It's neat stuff and then it gets smaller and it's even neater!
Dr Scientist Sunny Day Delay
DR SCIENTIST Sunny Day Delay
Our Price: $249.00

DR SCIENTIST SUNNY DAY DELAY. Controls for delay rate (0 milliseconds to 500 milliseconds), number of repeats (1 single repeat to all the repeats ever, infinite repeats), volume of repeats (no repeats audible to repeats same level as dry guitar), and a switch-able chorus effect with rate control (very slow warble to very fast warble) for the repeats only, the Dr. Scientist Delaygents guarantee the SUNNY DAY DELAY to offer a near endless variety of wildly cool delay sounds!
Our Price: $265.00

DR SCIENTIST BITQUEST. The BitQuest is a simple multi-effect pedal, no menus or presets, but it has 8 different weird and cool effects and enough control to be quite powerful. This is a really experimental and creative pedal, full of adventurous sounds! Here's the features in a nutshell:8 Custom Designed Effect Patches: Flanger, High Pass and Low Pass Filters, Bit Crusher with Sample Rate Reducer, Infinite Reverb, Notch Filter, Ring Modulator, +/- 1 Octave Pitch Shifter/Harmonizer, 1 Second Digital Delay. 2 Modes of Operation, Clean and Dirty. Clean mode has more control over the effects, dirty mode gives each patch a cool digital distortion control with noise gate. Analog controls include clean blend, volume for wet signal, tone for wet signal, plus 3 digital controls for the effects. Soft touch relay true bypass switching, lifetime warranty, hand-programmed, hand-built.
Dr Scientist Cosmichorus
DR SCIENTIST Cosmichorus
Our Price: $325.00

DR SCIENTIST COSMICHORUS. All the coolest chorus sounds in the universe - including way off the map and uncharted ones - are in this device, ready to make your guitar sing! The Cosmichorus does it all, from thick and warm and lush to thin and bright and sparkly to intense chorus sounds you aren't going to hear anywhere else on this planet, or other ones.