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DIAMOND Compressor
Diamond Compressor
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The Diamond Compressor is Diamond's take on a guitar channel compression: a dynamics and tone shaping tool for live and studio use, with low-noise, ultra-linear signal buffering, smooth opto-based compression, and a versatile 'tilt' EQ that musically shifts overall frequency balance. All in a user-friendly 3-control package - just Comp, EQ and Volume.

- Vactrol opto-isolator variable resistance path as used in high-end studio compressors for smooth attack and decay characteristics while preserving initial signal transients.
- Premium audio components, including 2% polypropylene capacitors,1% metal film resistors and a pro audio grade opamp (our signal path opamp alone costs 8 to 10 times what the industry norm uses).
- Post-compressor 'tilt' EQ provides a very musical tailoring of frequency response - seamlessly transition from a darker jazz voicing to a brighter jangle, with flat frequency response at the center detent position.
- Double filtering stage in side chain to eliminate low frequency modulation while preserving fast compression response.
- Dual AC capacitive coupling paths for improved transient response.
- Bi-color LED provides visual indication of depth of compression.
- True bypass signal path.
- Battery or standard negative tip 9V DC
adapter operation, can be powered from 9 to 24 V negative tip.
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User Reviews:

Sound Quality: 10
Sound is excellent. Very transparent and very low noise floor. This is a subtle optical compressor, so it doesn't do a lot of extreme squish, or pumping, although you can get a good country-style cluck at the highest settings. Where it really shines is as a subtle background compressor, to clean eveything up without drawing attention to itself. For that application, it's the best thing I've heard in a pedal. The EQ is very powerful and effective, and is useful for overall tonal fixes. Also, it is a true bypass pedal.

Overall Rating: 10
I would put this in the top rank of boutique compressors. I compared it to the Keeley, and I'd say they are equally good. Also, this one is unique in sound, because it is much more like a studio compressor, and less like most other guitar pedal compressors. The Keeley sounded like a superior version of the Dynacomp sound, but this one sounds like a whole different approach. So you might not like it if you want extreme compression, but for what it does it is superb and fills a niche in the market. It's also quite a bit less expensive than other pedals in its class.

Overall Rating: 10
The tone and smoothness only enhanced my sound and playing. I feel like I could almost leave it on all the time making small adjustments on the fly. I also said previously that it took almost two years to find a great compressor in a pedal and I tried mulitudes of other companies on the market. I could have settled for a rack mount but I was not interested in having to carry roadcase of rack gear around unless somebody else is willing to do it for me because I like to keep it a compact and simple as possible.

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