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JHS The AT (Andy Timmons) Drive

Our Price: $219.00
JHS The AT (Andy Timmons) Drive
JHS The AT (Andy Timmons) Drive. Sometime in 2013 Andy Timmons purchased an Angry Charlie from a guitar shop in Texas, and it became his main dirt channel soon after. Having a chat with him at Winter NAMM 2015 we set out to tweak it a bit to his personal tastes and needs so that it could fit even better into his live rig. The rest is history and the JHS Pedals “AT”, AKA “The @“, was born. This is an extremely versatile pedal that covers a large range of gain territory. If you need a single pedal that can achieve the saturated tones of a real British tube amplifier with a 4x12 cab, the Andy Timmons signature pedal is where it’s “AT.“

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