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JHS Colour Box Neve 1073 Console Preamp

Our Price: $399.00
JHS Colour Box Neve 1073 Console Preamp
JHS COLOUR BOX NEVE 1073 CONSOLE PREAMP. In 1961 a British engineer would start a company from a spare room in his England home that would permanently change the history of the Pro Audio industry. This company set a trajectory for musical tones that spanned across genres and impacted every generation that followed. We are talking about the infamous piece of gear known as the Neve* recording console. From "Love Me Do" by The Beatles to the famous sounds of Led Zeppelin, U2, Spoon, Pink Floyd, Motown, Quincy Jones, Nirvana, Steely Dan, Neil Young, Tears For Fears, and Tom Petty (the list is endless), The Colour Box is our tribute to the legend and application of how a piece of gear can change music.

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